Artificial Intelligent Fund 4-6 Dec, New York

AI fund

Artificially Intelligent Funds – Generating Excess Returns with Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

10 Compelling Reasons to Join Us This December at the Artificially Intelligent Fund Conference         FSp

  1. Develop AI and machine learning capabilities through real use cases from big players in the industry
  2. Discover emerging trends and latest developments in AI and machine learning from industry players trading and investing on live investment models
  3. Learn how to develop a compelling Business Case to clients and CEOs to adopt AI and machine learning in investment approaches
  4. Rare gathering of talents including Quants, Data Scientists, Researchers, AI and machine learning experts and Investment Officers
  5. Explore solutions to challenges and potential risks and pitfalls before adopting AI and machine learning
  6. Discover more uses and applications of using AI, machine learning, deep learning, and reinforcement learning to make investments decisions and create positive trading outcomes
  7. Established speaker lineup from prominent and big industry players to meet and learn from
  8. Excellent networking platform to meet large hedge funds, fund of funds, researchers and investors
  9. Robust and all rounded exploration of different forms of machine learning techniques on investment strategies
  10. Build a world-class infrastructure that supports AI investments


The Forum at Glance

AI and Deep Learning for Trading

  • How AI & Deep Learning Can Learn Your Past Successful Trades and Replicate It Forward
  • Utilizing AI and Machine Learning to Establish Market Predictions and Placing High Probability Trades
  • Applying Different Machine Learning Techniques to Different Trading Strategy
  • Developing Robust Investment Algorithms with AI and Deep Learning
  • Applying Machine Learning and High-Frequency Trading

AI and Deep Learning for Investment for Investment & Portfolio Management

  • Next Generation Investment Systems with AI and Deep Learning
  • Picking Stocks with AI
  • Optimizing Asset Allocation with Artificial Intelligence
  • Assembling an Effective AI Team to Identify Investment Trends – Who and What Expertise You Need

Key Risks and Challenges with AI and Deep Learning

  • Challenges and Risks with AI and Trading
  • Understanding Weak Points of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Model Risk Management for Machine Learning and Trading Strategies


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